Set them dials up high

Set your dials up ..HIGH

YOU have the ability to regulate your energy , moods , finances . And many other areas of your life . Just as you,de adjust the temperature in your house or refrigerator by changing the settings .

You can do the same with yourself . Imagine that you have a switch WITHIN , like your home heating system , which corresponds with something in your life that you,de. Like to improve . Now by picturing yourself turning the knob upwards ( as you would do to control the room temperature ) you send an important signal to the universe .

By setting your dials UP HIGH , you take charge of the situation , you decide what’s acceptable , and you firmly fix your intentions in that direction . Your crystal clear decisions bring about action faster than any amount of money could buy you . These choices are worth more than a college degree or other earthly measure of success.

Clearly decide what you want , and crank up your dials today in the direction of your desired outcomes


namaste .

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