Creating harmony

Emotions have the power to alert us to different issues we may have. We may feel upset when asked to do something because we need to be honoring our boundaries more. We may feel anger toward someone because they are hitting a nerve or we feel that we simply need to be honored and respected more. Whatever the reaction is, it is always a call for introspection, followed by action based on personal truth. Our emotions deliver information on how our inner world is relating to our outer world and our mind gives us the tools we need to bring balance to the whole.

It is extremely difficult to gain a true understanding of what your emotions are communicating when you are overwhelmed. In this situation there is no space for the higher mind to process what is occurring for you. It is also extremely difficult to get a sense of what is occurring for you if you are feeling disconnected to your feelings and emotions. Either way you lose a sense of what you are experiencing on a deeper level and begin to operate on a completely unconscious level, unaware of how you are interacting with the world both around and within you.

The key to creating harmony is balance. The balance of the mind and emotions.

it is imperative that you balance this area of yourself. This means whether you are overwhelmed or disconnected, you must stop and reconnect with yourself. You must demand and create the space to be quiet with your self. Often writing is the most direct way to communicate with your self. You must allow yourself to freely express exactly how you feel until you experience a clear resolution on what you must do to bring balance to your life.

This is a time for reconnecting to your inner world so that you may successfully move forward into the next phase of your life.”*


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