Angel reading for month October /16


As we now go into October fests and feasts ahead TRUST that any sadness you have encountered will pass .enjoy this month of hallloween fun leaving you with a purpose .. yes .. a purpose giving you time to heal and moving you bravely forward .dont hold on to energies of past , because you will of done the best that you could …

When deep emotions arise from situations that make an impact on your life .balance these emotions so you don’t become overwhelmed .
Hear that divine guidance by quieting yourself and listening . Shut out noisy stimulation like telephones and television . Relax in a quiet place and don’t try to make anything happen .just listen to your own thoughts .breath, and that rhythm of your heart , then mentally ask questions of your guides and angels . Listen to the loving truth that they speak in your heart .body , and mind . Inner truths and trust your intuition and take that action accordingly .
A quiet retreat ( yaayyyy ) are you listening .
Because less talk and more listening is called for .
Listen to what
MEssages any aches and pains are trying to tell you ( the body always talks to those who listen ) .
As Jesus would say here ….I will leave you comfortless. I will come to you ..

Sometimes when change is needed to any issue you Are passionate about .. volunteer to something that is meaning to you and remember that when you give you also recieve because you can’t outgive the universe .simple ..
Our nature spirits too will lead you to the appropriate people to best support your soul at this time , as nature spirits thrive to connect with the right sources be more open to others . Especially those you meet by chance , it’s never accidental that you suddenly meet these people . Nature spirits . Universe . Masters all placed these in your path ..wonderful energies that are significant for your soul journey .. I am grateful for all mine .. with this comes always the lifting of obstacles so you can then enJOY smoother sailing . Decisions will always be made in your favour and you can expect to recieve the respect and attention you deserve.

Recognise that all small things add up to BIG ones .when you stay centred in gratitude the more comes your way .
When you worry about decisions it means your mind ( ego ) is trying to control your life . Angel guidance here is to always consider and evaluate all the options then let go of your head and choose from your heart that which gives you greatest joy and feels right .
Always make choices from the highest good . Choose with wisdom .
Attune to your soul ,ask the angels for guidance and help and from that point of inner stillness make your choice easily .. remember you are never far from the light ,it’s always as CLose as your breath . And all that you have learned and all that has happened to you brought you to where you are now . BE grateful ..always allow the angels to work in everyday functions .. love yourself as we do you .angels say even When your problems are small we understand they are big to you .we help to sort them out . Enjoy treasure gifted every day .each day is a day of celebration isnt it .

This is an ideal crystal to work with with the majority of healing or releasing has already taken place and you are finally ready to be done with the emotional impact of an experience. The finishing touches or final release. As a result there are ceremonial energies associated with Epidote. The ceremonies or rituals that we create to symbolize events of demarkation are sometimes the most important touchstone or talisman we have for those events. The creation or participation in these ceremonies are the anchors of your intentions and how you will reflect on them in the future. Graduations, marriage, funerals, showers, burning bowls, medicine wheels, et cetera. In this case the letting go of an old story, the final healing of an old wound, forgiveness for the human experience. Epidote represents taking care of you.

Epidote can help you tap into the energies of the support structures that are already around you. If you tend to ‘go it alone’ or take care of everything yourself—it can be a powerful ally to help you to see the people, organizations and or services that are available to assist you. When you see them for the support that they offer and your role in creating them in your life—you realize that leaning on them during times of need is not about giving your power away, it is about claiming it. It is a good tool for identifying and releasing martyr energies.
In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn WE ARE ALL ONE ۞ 
ॐ I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM 
ॐ Namaste
(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)❤️❤️❤️
Jan burgess
(( angel falls )) xx

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