BE blessed in the light

For a time, it can seem odious to constantly think about whether what you are thinking and doing and saying is in line with Loving and Divines Creation, but as it grows natural and automatic to have that constant Inner Friend and dialogue, it truly begins to feel like real Freedom.

Leaning on the Unseen and trusting that It is supporting and Blessing you, as you put It first, becomes like trusting that gravity is still in operation when you put your feet on the floor in the morning, or when you take a step and do not float away, or place your cup on a table and it stays there. Put source first, , and the Unseen Law of Goodness, it can and will and does operate in your consciousness and in your life.

And it operates everywhere, all the time, and even beyond the earthly rule of gravity.

Be and feel Blessed in the Light, for you are.



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