we need to have a deep level of trust in the divine – whether we call it God or the Creator – to look after us. We also must trust ourselves that we are up to the challenge. Try not to read to much into . Just let things flow as and when . When we trust and surrender to the greater good, we open our hearts in a deeper way than was possible previously. Through our trust a profound opening occurs in our hearts. It is an almost magical experience. We find ourselves in a brand new place, which we might have consciously or perhaps unconsciously yearned for. It’s a place of peace, of compassion and of acceptance for ourselves, for others and for all life. And all that is required to arrive in this place is a deep surrender to trust that we will be safe. That we are loved and cherished. That we are the young brothers and sisters of those who have gone before and who are wayshowers ahead of us on the path. That our Universe is a continuous stage of growth, a conscious creation. That the Earth is evolving, that the planets are evolving, that the Sun is evolving, that God is evolving and that we are part of this continual state of evolving into consciousness.During this next two thousand years, humans and the Earth will become conscious partners in working for the betterment of all life on this planet.in other words the earth is moving into higher vibrations ,The ring-pass-not that separates the Earth from other conscious planets is cracking like the shell around an egg when the little chicken is ready to be birthed. These cracks put a strain on all of the Earth’s systems which can mean increased volcanic activity, earthquakes and climate changes. The Earth is moving to a higher vibration and all beings on its surface must do so as well.eventually they will


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