Become AWARE 

there is only one BIG now …think of the ( past ) as the NOW that had already been created, and the ( future) as the NOW that has yet to be created , you don’t have the power to uncreate the past so let that go, your power of creation lies in your awareness of the present.        YOU have the power to not only Create your future but also to create acceptance of your past . This helps you shape the person you are today . 

     Angel guidance is to become AWARE of your defence mechanisms , which keep you separate from others and the divine, ask the Angels to help you dissolve masks and barriers so that your fragile true self can emerge like a butterfly from its cocoon. 

     This reward is of course freedom .love and a sense of safety ..

       Uplifting thoughts are of course the magic ingredients you need always ,with a positive mindset ,ARCHANGEL MICHEAL advises that you purge your thoughts and speech of any worries or other negativity that could diminish your manifestations. Focus on solutions rather than worrying ..

    With the spiritual law of attraction you attract certain people ,or situations because they mirror your thoughts,emotions, and beliefs . In the same way people you once found fun . Desirable. can move on because your energy shifts through your spiritual path, ,like attract like . If you want to attract more or change who you attract near you or what ,hold more positive thoughts ,the ascended masters can help you with this shift . Visualise and affirm only what you desire .

     If your giving and receiving ratio has been out of balance lately . You can strike a balance ,to do so make time to give something .like time .a gift. Or compliments . Be a gracious receiver too that day ,say thank you without embarrassment or guilt


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