Look deeply 

There is a Goddess who wishes to work with you right now, have you heard her whisper on the wind? Have you smelled her scent in a flower, maybe glimpsed her shape in the clouds? Can you feel her communicating with you every day; in your dream time and when you are awake? She is calling to you. She is in the energy of the Moon, the beauty of the shells on the beach and the divine placement of each and every petal on each and every flower. She is the smell of the rain in the forest, the crash of the waves on the beach. Can you hear her calling to you? She is the wild energy of the horses galloping through the fields, the wind in your hair, the energy that makes you feel sexy and free. When you allow it.
If you want to see her clearly, look deeply into your own eyes.
She resides there.
Waiting for you to see.


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