Slow down 

Do be grateful and thankful that everything you really need has already been given you. The ideas you need to act on, the inner conscience that helps you know what to do and when to do it, the ability to appreciate beauty and good—all these and more have been gifted to you with which to enact your earthly play.
            Slow down, today, slow down, and appreciate this by being so very grateful for each bit of beauty. The beauty of light, the beauty of the feeling of love, the beauty of how humor relieves tension and forgives mistakes, are all wondrous beauties to acknowledge.
            The Infinite has offered all this, tenderly watching how you use it. It tenderly watches and helps you enact Good, but never ever withholds Love, Love, Love and ever gives, gives, gives Life.
                                                We know these things and really you know them, too.


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