Angelic connection 

Make an appointment with your angels today! Amazing Friends, I receive many questions on how someone can connect with their angels. I am sharing with you an article I wrote about connection with your angels. Please know, your angels are all around. A simple way is to just ask them to be with you and have faith that they are. Understand just asking them to connect with you is enough…trust they are there…you will see the signs! xxoo
Connecting with the angels is a highly personal process and one you will want to feel comfortable with; it should be fun and easy to do! What works for one person may not work for another – don’t compare your connection to someone else’s. 
We will start by establishing an angel connection procedure so that the higher realms knows you are asking for an appointment. When you are done connecting with your angels, you will want to do something to close down the process. By opening and closing the connection you create an angelic ritual and a subconscious link to your angels; which will allow your mind to better understand the way the angels are sending their messages to you.
Clear Intentions
You want to have clear intentions when connecting with the angels. The angels have shown me many people have their angels running in circles without a clear intent. When you have clarity your angels can assist you promptly.
You may say to yourself something like this:
“My intention for asking for this is: ____________________.” This way you will also receive a better understanding of your intentions; when you have clear understanding your angels can assist you quicker!
Angelic Connection Procedure
Light a candle or incense for your connection with the angelic realm. Hold a crystal or have one beside you. Use soft music if you like to set the atmosphere. Shut the phone off, close the doors, and make time for you!
Breathe in several times in through your nose and out through your mouth. By breathing you are connecting with the breath of God. Focus on your breath. Release all tension of the day, put it aside. Breathe and relax, allow the loving soft divine light of the angels to envelope your very being. Envision the most beautiful radiant golden light connecting with every aspect of your being. Feel or sense this light connecting you to a higher plane, one where you receive answers to all your pending questions.
Feel the light making you lighter and brighter until you can only feel or sense light. You will then say: “I connect now with the highest God consciousness available and I ask for this or something better from the angel of (peace, test taking, intuition, family unity, dreams, love, justice, finances, joy or whichever area you need assistance with)”.
Allow answers to come forth and do not judge them. Understand that some may be symbolic in nature; and it may be useful to have a dictionary of symbols to assist. For instance, you may see a number or a color or perhaps feel angel chills. Working with the angels can be subtle, which is why people may miss their nudges; each person will have a different way they connect. Angels work with you in a loving and gentle nature. Be sure to thank the Angels and then close down the connection by blowing out the candle; putting away your connecting crystal, etc. or putting away any other connection tool you may have used.
If you did not receive much during this process, it’s okay and takes practice, just like learning a new language or playing a musical instrument; so don’t give up right away! Be open and allow the angels to connect with you. Please be aware you may receive your answer over the next couple of days, watch for the signs. You may also dream your answer; record your dreams to understand the symbolism and meaning of your dreams. Angels are available for assistance twenty four hours a day. Call on them and know they are there!   Namaste 


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