Trust the journey 

Most people find their purpose almost as if by accident. And although it would be nice to have a magical scroll fall from the heavens, which stated clearly what we are here to do, it is not going to happen that way. We must discover this for ourselves. It is the act of struggle, and effort itself, which reveals to us our strengths and gifts. Each unique aspect of you and your life path, is revealed in its own Divine time.
Your Divine celestial being are asking you to hold on to your faith, to trust the journey of discovery you are taking and to believe in yourself. They ask that you simply take action and step forward – whether you feel confident or not. It is the movement forward that matters most here. You just might make a discovery about yourself in a way which you least expect!
The entire Universe is supporting you at this time. Do not give up on yourself. You are not alone or forgotten down here. Spirit is here with you, loving and guiding you each step of the way. You are on the path you are meant to be on and doing exactly what you should be, to take you to where you need to go.”* namaste 


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