The word purpose means to have intention, reason and drive. When we live in purpose, we make a conscious effort to just BE or create something.
A life purpose is often the foundation of who we are. When it’s denied or submerged, it will feel like being in a paddle-less canoe just drifting along aimlessly.

Our lives are about evolving as souls. There are many reasons, big and small, as to why we return to this place.
Once we understand our Divine purpose, we can begin to understand WHY we are where we are in our lives and BE accountable for our future. Sometimes what we would really like to be or do appears to be out of reach or impossible.

When we know who we are and understand what Divine gifts we bring to the world, our life has more meaning. If we understand our motives and fears it’s easier to get past obstacles and blocks.
When we’re in harmony with the higher power, our life reflects this harmony as things just seem to fall naturally in place.

Our existence becomes more multifaceted and we’re able to accelerate our personal development and spiritual progress.
It’s also a process of digesting past experiences—especially the painful ones—from a higher perspective.Our life purpose is generally not our career path or our lifestyle.
Our true life purposes—because we do have multiple reasons for being here—belong to the Divine realms.
All experiences were positive because from them we became who we are today and continue to grow.Life isn’t necessarily meant to be a struggle. We make it so when our decisions are made from our fears, we feel disempowered or force realities that aren’t meant to be. 
Our basis for being here has as much to do with what we learn and what we become as with what we do .. I LOVE YOU ALL ✨❤️NAMASTĖ ✨🙏


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