How do you get to the state of mind that is heaven 

How do you get to the State of Mind that is Heaven?
            You love enough. You are grateful enough. you do not have to be so pure that you already feel love and gratitude for everything. You simply start with something or something, or just some intent or desire.
            Maybe you love the sense of humor that your father taught you. Maybe you love the size and shape of your favorite cup. Maybe you love the smile of your daughter and the way it expands your heart understanding. Maybe you love the moment you understood how much Spirit Loves you. Maybe you love the beauty of the frozen dew, or the fact that beauty exists.
            Whatever it is, whoever it is, let the love and gratitude fill your mind and feelings completely, and you are lifted into the Essence of Heaven. And once you are there, that Joy can spill over into everything else you know and do not know, and touch them with the Heavenly too. It is the nature of Love to spread and to heal.
            Love automatically heals when It is present. You do not need to force It or plead with It. It heals because It reveals the Truth. You just need to invite It in by Loving something or someone completely, and allowing It to spread.
                                                            WE Love you,


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