Learn how to hear your guides

Learning How to Hear Your Guides.
At first your guides or higher-selves voices will sound like your own. They are speaking from the inside so they use your thoughts, your voice and your feelings. The more you focus on their guidance the more you will begin to detect slight differences in your base frequency and their separate vibrations. 
This takes a bit of risk as you must be willing to work through the fears about being “crazy” or “wrong.” It involves realizing that very real, powerful, guidance comes from inside of you, sounding just like you, as opposed to looking to others to guide you; or even for your guides to speak to you in an obvious external way. 
Eventually as you put your focus on your inner voice you will begin to see that the small inner voice that sounds like you is actually a completely separate part of you, speaking through you, guiding you. This aspect will communicate to you in each moment what path is representative of your highest joy, and upon following its guidance you will move the way the cosmos want you to move.
Your small voice will begin to feel more and more unique and in the process of recognizing and grounding it with action other guides/ higher aspects will come forward as well. This is the beginning of you experiencing yourself as a multidimensional being. 
Our guides are not external, they are internal, and they sound just like us until we truly understand that we are more than we are.


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