Message of light

A Message Of Light from the Angels. * *
The other night I woke up at 3:33 a.m. I rolled over and went back to sleep. At 4:44 am I woke up again and felt Spirit was calling to share a message….
These Are The Times to get Connected with Your Self, Your Heart and find that place of Inner Knowing Within You! You have reached a time in humanity where many are Awakening to new levels of Awareness. 
Stay Connected with your Inner Truths, knowing you are on a path that is taking you on a journey of discovery. Take time to stay Grounded and Connected with the realms of Mother Nature for she will take the time to connect with you.
Breathe in the energy of her life force energy and allow her presence to be strong within your own senses. You have come to the times of the New Earth Energy, so feel safe in knowing that you walk with her.
Open your hearts to allow the change of nature to take place in your life, your world. Be Open to see there are New Opportunities coming forth that Create all New Possibilities in Your Life! These are the times of change that are awakening within many of you. 
Trust Your Heart, Your Energy, Your Intuition of where and when you are guided to go. Listen to the inner voice of inspiration that speaks to you. Connect with the Divine Presence of your Inner Knowing and Allow this energy to fully Awaken within You.
Feel yourself ground and connect with Mother Earth’s energy, for she will give you the guidance to walk her lands. Be in your power to take control of your life and not listen to the energies that no longer serve your highest purpose.
Many will Create the Changes in their lives that take them to foreign lands. Be Open and Accept their journey of new discoveries within their lives.
These are the times of New, where the energies are awakening for the people to move forward taking them to new heights within their lives. 
Be Open to change that is being offered to many of you. Feel a sense of release, a sense of assurance that all is well in your world. Breathe, ground your energy, take time for you and be willing to take the steps that create a whole new world of opportunity for you.
Remember the theory, when one door closes it leaves opportunity for new doors to open. Be Open to walk through the new doors of creation, the new doors of opportunity that are there for you. Stand strong in who you are, and accept the opportunities for the new to be guided into your life. 
You Are Loved , feel the energy of Love Within Your Heart, Within Your Presence.
Namaste…we are watching over you!


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