You are crucial to this creation 

without you, nothing could exist. That’s right, without insignificant little you, nothing would be the same — or even be! You are as crucial to this creation as all the rest of mankind combined. Because you, too, are ((0ne))
Once upon a time I came up with a clever little statement: “In a space of infinite dimensions every point is the absolute center. You are such a point.”
This, the importance of you as a single entity, complete and whole and separate from everything else, is like that. Without you nothing could exist, and yet the space you occupy is so small in comparison to the rest of the cosmos, taking yourself seriously could be considered an act of lunacy.
We are all equally important and equally insignificant; rich or poor, educated or not, young or old, happy or sad, American or Indian, there’s no difference whatsoever. Just manifestations of magic, of life, — all of us in our own little comfort zones. My world, your world, they are illusions. And tomorrow … poof, they’ll be gone. Back to wherever we came from. The point is, we all started in the same comfort zone, a mother’s womb, each of us ((0ne)) each of us representing the essence of this creation.
Trust me, without you, everything would be different.


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