BE the thought . Source thinks of you 

The only environment there really is, is Spirit/Source . Spirit is all. All is Spirit.            We know that while you walk the earth dream, you , your trees and homes all seem like solid and physical things to you. Yet even the growing understanding will remind you that what seems so solid is just swirling bits of energy.

            And even those “experts” have not reached full comprehension of it all, All is Energy , The thoughts of Good are the substance of all, including you. And Source is delighted with Its thoughts and has pondered them and declared them good. You are a good thought 

            And is that not enough reason for Bliss? Whether your body is standing in a pile of slush, or whether you are dreaming of a delightful walk in the gentle forest, Source Loves you. You are a Good thought of the Divine, and part of the Divine, and that is the Bliss that goes with you wherever you are, if you but remember to feel it.

            We understand how heavily you are under the influence of your senses and how much they lure you with sensual comfort and desire, and place and space, and name and title. But the sooner you realize that all is Spirit, YOU are Spirit, the sooner your consciousness can be filled in every moment with the awareness of deep, calm Joy. 

            Deep calm Joy has nothing to do with geography or a vehicle or any of the various bodily drives. It is simply source in you and through you, and around you. It is the security that never fails, it is the Love that never fades or dies. It is the everlasting Life of you.

            “I have always been, and will always be, the thought source thinks as me.”


                                                Do you begin to see? Do you begin to awaken?

                                                            You are held in Love ✨✨✨❤️



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