The GPS for your journey through life is built right in to you; in the form of your intuition, guided by your emotions. You can trust your intuition never to lead you astray, and you can use your emotions to let you know if you are on course. Feeling wary, ill at ease or that something about a situation or person just doesn’t “feel right” to you? LISTEN to that feeling, your intuition is trying to tell you that things may not be as they seem. Trust yourself before you trust this person or situation. Feeling joyous and light and safe? You are on the right track! When you get really used to using your intuition, you know without even having to think too hard on it, the correct course of action.
Ask your Angels and Guides to help you hone your intuition, as this is how they communicate with you. Ask for clear signs, and a stronger connection to your Divine connection; then trust that the guidance you need will be provided, and will lead the way with grace, love and joy.


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