Energy is the language of body 

How we treat others we treat ourselves, everything is energy and what resonates from you is in you.Energy is the language of the body – feelings are emotional charges. We can learn to redirect and move energy through proper channels, which expand upon our being and not contract in it. The energy of feelings alone such as appreciation, gratitude, caring and compassion have been scientifically recorded to increase DHEA levels beneficial hormones one hundred percent and lower cortisol levels stress hormones by twenty three percent. The intent of words accompanied with emotion are truly powerful tools when applied properly. Use common sense to interact with your heart. In other words use (forward brain) self actualized mind instead of simple or primal mind (back brain) in unison with the hearts inner wisdom. ( connect in collective action vs unconscious reaction.) Correlate a mindful expression as opposed to a reactive uncollected emotionally triggered response. The awareness of conscience is a deep inner knowing (feeling) of ones truth, when implemented it is always an expansive sensation in the body. In essence its the collective of our bodies mentality and morality.

What if we follow spirits higher aspect of self and trust in absolute confidence that mans unfoldment into a new realm of becoming translucent beings is rapidly approaching. As morphogenetic fields energize our own creative passions, it moves mankind into the structure of a new multi dimensional world.

Consciously as we begin to think differently we change those patterns that have perpetuated the same old results. By expressing what if possibilities we can lighten and enhance the quality of our life experience. This is not a complex thing just make a decision to do differently, think differently and once you’ve decided to do so you’ll begin to experience reality differently. 

Keep it simple and move away from that which diminishes the quality of your life. And move towards what enhances and invigorates the journey of self discovery. We are truly limitless beings when we dwell in the heart and swim in the mind of imagination and creativity. The world is full of magic when we release all preconceived notions of who we think we should be. 

No one makes you interpret life through your filters of perception you alone are the reflection (mirror) of your reality. Is it not we who willingly, be it consciously or unconsciously choose to engage our thoughts and feelings. Know we can always choose to step back, detach, disengage and witness our behavior.

Life will create those scenarios that challenge us to move past issues which we haven’t yet completely resolved. Such circumstances or events arise as small hurdles for us to overcome, but if we don’t work them out they will gain intensity and size to get our attention for us to face again an again until we get closure through acknowledgment and acceptance. As life creates these scenes it can also uncreate them, once it has been established in our being the lessons purpose was served. This is mans adaptation, growth and expansion into self discovery. It is we who activate life’s response, waste not your time and energy by resisting what is, accept it and use it as information to move into new possibilities.Why waste this precious life we have, on things that have already past, release yourself from stagnant toxins that drain (waste) your vital energy source. Peace love and light. ……Thanks Seldar for being ………namaste


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