That deep and complete joy 

Although repetitions of meditative phrases or prayers can put you in a calmer state of mind, and help re-tool your thoughts into hopeful, positive ones, there is no substitute for very quiet listening for the One Divine Voice within.
            So, once you have achieved that calmness, and that willingness to listen, then become very quiet and still, and listen and perceive with good expectation and feeling. As we have said before, what you receive can come as pictorial ideas, or as words, or as a feeling of being Lovingly Held, or a confident impulse to do a certain thing or call a certain person, but it will always be accompanied by a very quiet Joy.
            That deep and complete Joy helps you know that you are aligned with One Mind. It is not a feeling of fervor, but a feeling of serene Unity, that contains only Light. In that Light, there is no darkness at all.


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