Spiritual light 

            The true beauty you are looking for is not the appreciation of beautiful objects, or even the ease of the physical form. It is the sublime Beauty of the sweet unseen Divine Awareness, that creates, supports,all as Spiritual Light.
            Realize that your Spiritual Sense is what you want most, and seek each day to remember it more. You do not grow in that remembrance through the bodily senses, but through silent embrace of the Divine Thought within and around you. Turn to that, to feel the fullness of Soul that is the real Life of all, and you will find Real Beauty indeed. It is already yours, freely given, within the Mind that is All.
            The objects you need in your days, the wellness that enables you to function and thrive—these will come, and are yours. But tend first and foremost to your communion with the Oneness you are a part of, for Its Beauty is the Real Beauty you crave.
                                                            Think about the Truth of this, Namaste om shanti 


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