My journey

JAN BURGESS (( angel falls))) 
This is my own personal life experience and journey through life and the Angelics around us … I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it with the

help of our ️ Angels ..No matter what it is, there’s a reason you’ve ended up here right now, reading these words. While I have the chance, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about me. So, what led me to where I am now? A fabulous path with lots of twists and turns…
Before the journey


WE ALL HAVE A SACRED PATH WETHER WE KNOW IT OR NOT .. Each individual has their own soul journey in life . When you live by truth .. Life will flow . By tuning into our inner self ~ our higher self s .. Our vibrations are pure ️ love . . When ️ Angels are near ,you will feel a sense of pure bliss in your heart . A loving energy .lets start from my time here in this life of many ..  
My difficult journey this time on the earth plane began in the month of August 1961 choosing to be here … A first child in a family of 4 .. A brother and 2 sisters … I Struggled feet first … a trying time for mum .. A long journey and a very difficult start .not only was I feet first ,my feet were so badly turned inwards I had to have them re- broken and set straight . Then as started walking had to wear these boots specially made for me with calipurs to keep my feet straight needless to say I was a late walker . Nowadays when walking I know when tired when my feet start turning in slightly But from the moment I was born held up by ️Angels … Just so you know … ️Angels are always around ,always part of your life ,and happy if you are reading this ..I really didn’t know much about angels until much later in life .although all the nudges were there ,this was normal for me 
At just a few months old I then contracted whooping Cough . Intense spasms of coughing followed by a :whoop sound : lasting for intense times and lasted months .this I finally grew out of and at 2 years old my brother came into the world .
At that time we lived down Scott street (fountain road) in hull .East Yorkshire ( uk ) the houses there were built as flats .we lived in the top flat and was only 2 bed roomed ..I remember very small . Underneath us ,the bottom floor flat there lived an old lady who was forever banging on the ceiling . Can you imagine mum trying to keep 2 children quiet constantly ‘ 
It was a typical upbringing . It’s the little memory’s that are epic .. Those days children were much safer ,everyone looked out for each other . Mums friend lived in the flat opposite and we was always in there ,to the point I called her my aunty . As I got older I actually really thought she was. them days because everyone took care of each other you all bonded and everyone was your aunty ~ or uncle ,  
I remember around 4 and half years old racing down the street with my brother with our batman capes on singing the familiar tune ( batman ) .
The coal yard my dad worked at wasn’t far away ,so me and my brother i remember ran one day chasing after the coal wagon as it passed ,jumped on the back , by the time it reached the coal yard we was black as soot . Ouch … 
The corner shop was nearby . A five minute walk away if that .. We wasn’t a flush family ,and remember mum giving me sixpence to fetch something from the corner shop , as I skipped there I dropped it and it fell into a gutter .. I ran home and told mum and she came back with me with the last sixpence she had which had given me ,on way she said where did you drop it .. I showed her by dropping that last sixpence down the same place stating there , like that .. Haha .. Needless to say she wasn’t pleased ,
She had to borrow another sixpence ,just so we could eat . Awesome what sixpence bought then . 
My grandad and nanna ( on mums side ) lived nearby on fountain rd where mum was brought up . I saw my grandad regular . He was one of those men I remember when he spoke ,his voice came all the way from his boots ..very very deep .. He had laughing eyes and was always laughing .he took us everywhere . I remember a game he always played with us called Peter and Paul with his fingers … By placing a piece of paper on one of his fingernails and singing a song ,for those that don’t know it went kind of like this . 
Modern versions of the lyrics include:

Two little dickie birds,

Sitting on a wall;

One named Peter,

One named Paul.

Fly away Peter!

Fly away Paul!

Come Back Peter!

Come Back Paul
The adult, out of sight of the child, will mark in some conspicuous way the nail of the index finger of one hand and the nail of the second finger of the other hand. Both hands are then shown to the child as fists (folded fingers downwards) with the two fingers with marked nails pointing forward – these represent Peter and Paul. As the rhyme is recited, the hand actions are:



Two little dickie birds sitting on a wall

Both of the exposed, marked, fingers are wiggled to attract attention

One named Peter

Wiggle one marked finger, Peter, to attract attention

One named Paul

Wiggle other marked finger, Paul, to attract attention

Fly away Peter

The Peter hand is quickly drawn back alongside the adult’s head. As part of the movement the adult folds the marked finger and sticks out the second finger of the same hand and drops the hand back down to the original position. The child sees that the marking, Peter, is no longer there – it has flown away

Fly away Paul

The action is repeated with the other hand

Come Back Peter

The action is reversed to make Peter reappear

Come Back Paul

The action is reversed to make Paul reappear

This we loved ..we thought grandad was magic. 

Another game we loved with him was trying not to stand on the cracks on the pavement as we were walking so we would be jumping from one to the other ,grandad too . Pretty kiddy life with grandad .. 
I went to Lincoln street school there when started school and still went with a dummy or soother to school and back . Right up to 6 years .. I wouldn’t part with . Hense a crooked tooth in front . 

So apart from me chatting to our angel friends life as a child was pretty normal . Actually Angels were pretty matter of fact to have around too .
Picking up on things, have always been an empath … Feeling deepest feelings of others around .. Right from that start in life .. Questions have always asked myself throughout life was always , why do I feel I don,t belong here ? .. Not a belonging … But these I understood much later in life . 
Fortunately mum was there for us all, right from the start staying at home to raise us all . My dad was a coal man . Moving on to the brewery’s .. 
We never really saw much of my dad ,he had gone to work when got up . And we saw him not long when he got home having to be in bed by 6pm .. Prompt … 

At weekends my dad was the strict one where kids were seen and not heard . Although had mellowed a lot over the years .he was a gentleman and very much loved by all who met him . 
Going back to me, as far back as 3 years old … I remember having a dog .. A golden Labrador called sandy .. 
Me and sandy did everything . We were together always and the best of buddy’s . Then at 6 years old we moved home . We moved to east hull , westerdale grove . And moved to another school .southcoates lane school . Sandy didn’t come to our new home ,and wasn’t mentioned about .. Things slowly settled .moving schools was traumatic for me . Making friends was always hard . And of course I spent half my time crying . Totally lost .. 
It was around this time I asked about sandy . Our dog .. Mum HADNT a clue what I was talking about .
I explained sandy to a tee .. The name of her .. Everything .. I still feel her around .. But uncannily , mum and dad didn’t even know who sandy was .. Saying we had NEVER had a dog , there DEFINATELY wasn’t anyone around us who had that kind of dog . And didn’t know of any dog called sandy .. 

It was always a mystery and of course then I never understood . 
Where was sandy ? .. Who was sandy ? All I remember is sandy held me up . She was my best friend .. At a time I needed .. 
There was a church at the top of out street and we attended every Sunday for Sunday school .. ( Church of England ) I loved it . To the point I used to take home the hymn book and be singing the songs all the time … By the time I was 6 my sister was born . Me and my brother attended Sunday school later on my other 2 sisters followed , my youngest sister was born when I was 8 .. 
At 9 years old .. I went into hospital ..I had been having problems for a while with constant earache and hearing . People at school and mum would think I was ignoring them but then my mum realised I genuinely couldn’t hear 
I was whisked to the GP after school one night where I was admitted urgently the next day following the GP seeing a polyp inside my ear .. Which was causing the problem . Once operated to remove was found to be so deep I had to have a mastoid done … Now here is where I let you surmise , I know . But for the sceptics out there . Am very sure would have own views 
After the removal of mastoid bone which was necessary or could have caused a brain abcess ,my mum was told for me at just 9 years old was one of the worse done and was lucky had caught . 

The 2nd night in hospital I awoke during the night and needed toilet stop.. .. I didn’t understand about nurse calls then so I hobbled out of bed in search of help . They was no one about so I just went wandering down ward in search of a toilet . I found ~~~ the next I remember though was being picked up by this wonderful nurse and carried back into bed and made comfortable and fell promply back to sleep cozy … 
The following morning my mum came to see me my face was so bloated I looked horrendous .the nurse told her I was allergic to antibiotics and it was a reaction to it and was stopped .. I told mum about night so she questioned the nurse on day duty .. Nothing was reported about a fall or found in middle night anywhere and to this day I have never been allergic to antibiotics either, so was I picked up by angels ? Or was it a bad case of documentation .. You surmise here ? I know what I think . it’s a mystery but they have been many mysterys 
Whilst in hospital unknown to me at time .everyone at my school and at the Sunday school,I attended had all got together and made me get well cards .. Collections had gone round and my mum came with carrier bags full to the brim with get well cards ..and sweets ..fruit . Ect …. Today I still have treatment to have suctions done from build up of debris building up in ear cavity and now wear an hearing aid in that ear when have too .
I say when have too . When at home preferring not too , things are quieter . When you have been used to quietness for such a long time . Suddenly wearing a hearing aid at 48 there’s sounds you never experienced around you suddenly coming at you from all over ,,for me was too much .. 
The down side was I couldn’t go swimming because the ear had to be kept dry all the time , I tried swimming caps .plugging ears with cotton wool but wasn’t much good so only after a couple times with school. swimming lessons were stopped . To this day I still cannot swim and panic if Ime in a pool and someone splashes near me Ime outta there fast . Although recently have just had a ear piece molded and awaiting from ENT .. ( ear ,nose and throat ) clinic which would enable to start swimming lessons basic …head above water and protect ear canal ..
At age 11. I moved on to high school where i attended at David lister high which is now all demolished . This was only 3 minutes walking distance from where lived so was in my comfort zone because I always knew I only lived across rd ,I went home for dinner. was awesome . I never did like school meals and to be honest mum had to feed 4 of us so was normally bread and jam sandwiches anyway . There wasn’t free dinners at school then . 
The few times i did stay dinners I never ate anyway eeewwwwwww . Thankfully times moved on and dinners at school are much more optional and nutritious .
Through this period of school I was always content to be by myself ,always .. Sitting somewhere with a book in hand reading . Happy in my own world . I left school at 15 in the June . By the time I was 16 in the August I started my first job which was as a kennel girl working with greyhounds where I worked for 3 years before moving on to a clothes factory then Mansfield hosiery which is now long far gone , by then I had met my first boyfriend who I met at 17 who became my husband ,By the age of 18, I was wandering through life without much purpose other than to earn money and spend it. At that point in my life, my inner awareness went only as deep as my shallow and assertive ego would allow. I did notice tiny glimpses of inner peace from time to time, but they were fleeting. I had no idea how massively my life was about to change… I married at 21 years and left the factory at age 23 to have my first son .2 years later I had my 2nd son ( both the highlight of my life then ) and still.. life then plodded on . my first marriage started to have flaws by the time I hit my 30s and although people are put in our path for a reason ,my lesson here was learnt and moved on .
My 2nd husband Steve . married to now is my total rock in life and my biggest supporter who thankfully gives me the freedom for me to be me . And knows I need space regularly . With him I had a daughter too . another angel . 
By this time I had returned back to work part – time as a carer in various homes leading up to senior roles over the time , years went by and little synchronicities were happening around me but at that time I wasn’t paying attention , 
My time was fully taken up with other things .

It was when I was no longer in my familiar comfort zone – did I first begin to see significant spiritual moments happening. Acknowledgement is one thing, but understanding is quite another. While the wonderful universe was trying to communicate to me; I took notice, but learned very little because my focus was still on material achievements.
My heart whispered
In early 2009 . I started to wonder, “What is life all about? Why am I doing this to myself?” I had what appeared to be the trappings of success, but inside it didn’t feel quite like how I thought it should.

I felt my soul yearning to expand and explore. Then my heart whispered, “There’s happiness right in here!”
I moved away into nursing as an aux nurse , but by then magical things were happening all around me and was already itching to move away .this is when I started having my first big : happenings ; around me 
.Releasing my soul
Thank goodness my husband was so supportive and felt I should follow my heart; so he encouraged my soul to fly. at Around 2013 . 
Life had something else for me . I had already by this time done my first degree in reiki a year previous and had just done my 2nd degree 2 weeks previous .when I was on ward at hospital . I kept trying to move something away from my eye ,I remember saying ,I can,t see out of one of my eyes .one of the nurses asked if I had banged my head recently and mentioned opticians .. I remember at that point laughing and saying it will have to wait until payday in a couple weeks just in case needed glasses .. I booked app … And to cut a long story short here within weeks was sat at hospital eye clinic and was told I had cancer . Ocular melanoma behind my left eye socket . A shock a BIG YES ~ things moved very fast .. Whilst waiting I focused constantly on my self – healing and booked in with lots of reiki around me from other reiki s supporting me . 
I remember the first time I realised just how powerful reiki is . A week away from treatment coming up . Treatment to remove tumours in eyes are not cut away ,but a plate inserted behind the eye socket ,called ruthenium plaque treatment was scheduled ,this is left in eye for a few days with eye stitched closed whilst the treatment is working ,and then taken back down to operation theatre to remove plate ,the next day home for rest and recuperating . As I say a week before I went in I was asked by my reiki master if she could do a healing on me along with her son who did the reiki 2 with me .would be a double whammy .. So of course I went .. Well total wow .. I remember laying there. they had worked on My front and I was laid on my stomach .. One was working at top of me and one at bottom . When I felt another pair of hands touch my shoulder .. I went totally calm right through and felt so much love it was unbelievable .i daren’t open my eyes in case the feeling went .. After the treatment I asked ,the inevitable question . Did anyone else come into the room. they both looked at each other and nodded no … Before I told them what had happened ,she was nt surprised at all and explained about how powerful our guides are .our angels and when clients need which are felt often in a reiki session , and I walked out of there feeling totally in awe at it all . Needless to say for the time I was in hospital I was the calmest ever . Whilst recovering I meditated often . And when couldn’t self heal myself I just sent message out to guides to take over and they did instantly. and a year after that was told treatment had worked although lost sight apart from peripheral vision in left eye I count myself very fortunate that reiki found me and thank source and our guides constantly and of course keep up with self healing … ~ by this time I had already decided I wanted to go down the spiritual path . turn away from that chattering ego of mine and began a glorious spiritual journey into myself. I immersed myself in books, meditation, self discovery, humility, and gratitude.

It was through years and years of learning and self-reflection that I learned when I acted from a place of love, regardless of the outcome, I felt at peace and happy. But when my actions were motivated by anything else, the result (even if positive) wasn’t always fulfilling. This is when I realized that the power of love – loving energy – could heal both body and soul. It could erase anxiousness, calm fears, bolster my self confidence, and make me see how good I was – from the inside out. No matter what anybody else said.

Needless to say, this inner journey (that I’m still on!) took me to the doorway to my soul. There, I unlatched the handle, opened the door, and once stepped through, let my heart and soul soar. I’m sure you can imagine what a beautiful moment that was – when I finally revealed in the glory of a love that’s been within me my whole life, but never truly embraced until that point.
Making it official
So how have I ended up here, talking to you? Although I never intended it when I first stepped on the path of my spiritual journey, I constantly found myself helping others. I didn’t seek to help others, it was almost like they found me, and I just let my love flow to them. Once I felt it was the right time, I decided to make things “official” and I then studied and practiced to become a Usui Reiki Practitioner and various other therapies to offer ,I decorated my own spare room from home which made into my healing room and sanctuary to bolt too when need which I craved more and more and more . 

With life experience and professional certifications in tow, I opened a website at I stopped to look back with fondness at the winding road I walked upon. As I did, I couldn’t help but think, “How many souls have I passed along the way? Could I have shone a light upon some of them to help them find their path as well?”

And with a smile, I began a new journey: closing doors on all vibrations I didn’t need 
Time to help others

I’m here to help you realize that inner and spiritual growth is about discovering who you truly are – and being happy with your findings. And despite what some may think, it’s completely possible to balance creativity, spirituality,
For me to reach this point there was a few highs and lows but as I know now a Big push and wake up call . There was a few health reasons which made me decide at the time where I need to go but at this point ,I me not here to write negative in book , just to prove a point life can move on , regardless of anything going on . as this quote says from our wonderful –: osho -:  
Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny–he has something to fulfill, some message has to be delivered, some work has to be completed. You are not here accidentally–you are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you. The whole intends to do something through you.” ― Osho
New beginning 
By 2015 as doors were closing around me .there was already doors opening around me ,that’s exactly how source works . I have met so many wonderful earth Angels here who have helped me on this journey forward and have so much love and gratitude towards them all . At some point later in this book I would like to share some of my angel experiences . For now I just wanted to explain a little about our guides around us and when they choose to show themselves .
My awakening 
This day was a normal day for me ,nothing out of sorts but had a shock coming . 2010 . I decided to do a normal shop . At this point I felt okay but half way around the shop my whole body started burning . I felt physically shaken to the core and didn’t even know why ..nothing unusual .. My heart was palpitating .i felt dizzy .headache and I knew I just had to get out of there and home fast …in truth I thought I was having a heart attack ,I couldn’t breathe .. Fortunately the supermarket where I was in at time was only a five minute journey From my home ,once home I left the shopping and collapsed on settee . Every vein in my body was on fire and I was in total panic then when all settled down I felt a total calm . I thought IDE died and gone to heaven right then .. 
A few nights later I awoke during the night to this HUGE voice . The deepest loudest ever heard just saying ,, ( it’s time ) and there was the hugest hand coming right for my heart . I tried to pull away from sheer panic at that time not even knowing what what happening ,again in a space of just a few days .. The palpitations kept on coming and at that time I had to know what was going on . I went to GP . Told him about the palpitations and was sent for Ecg heart monitoring … I underwent various other tests to check out my heart 

I had lost my dad through heart attack so they were being careful . 
I was even set up and underwent a test were they insert a catheter in your groin up to your heart to check if I needed a stent fitted in .called a angiogram But everything was ok . I was finally cleared on everything on my heart and was out on medication to try to control them .. Which I gradually weaned off ,the palpitations are very rare these days but breathe through them .. Using my self healing until I get back into a natural rhythm . I must admit I don’t always use my self healing unless I really need then I start to focus on it more . Which I know I need to really … 
Another encounter with our guides was when ascended master el~ morya decided to pay a visit .. Again. MY reaction was to shoot under the covers screaming blue murder ….when next I looked .. Gone .. I sense ( clairsentient ) intuitive and am totally happy with that . To come face to face . Some may say . You are honoured … I’m,e happy NOT Too , 
Throughout this last 5 years there has been a lot of happenings ~~ since .. I have been taken off on various soul journeys . Some have been told of and I wasn’t even aware . Others I was very much aware but source have a way of making sure you only remember what you NEED. . If anyone has ever been on these soul journeys they are awesome in a way I always remember robed figures leading me somewhere . We communicate by mind only and float along instead of actually walking . I just never remember the whys and wherefore s . 
A lot of things were happening too fast for me at one point and was at a time when I meditated a whole lot …taking our vibrations higher . I put a hold on it for a while and things slowed down and recently picked it back up again , but this time I understand a whole lot more 
There’s been other times when I’ve shot suddenly out of body and spent what felt like minutes but actually was probably seconds spiralling through a vortex . I remember thinking and just knowing .. I can come back anytime. i seemed to go in and in been pulled further and further then I thought this is it … I have to go back and WHOOOOOOOSH back … As quick as that .. 
Another angel story … 
Going back a little to my first marriage . My then .. Or now ex husband worked as a long distance lorry driver . He went away on the Monday and came back the Friday , this was fine with me .. As I mentioned earlier there was flaws anyway . At that time I drove him there to work which was on the a63 . once on there was a half hour to 40 minute journey depending on traffic at that time . If I dropped him off on the Monday I had the car for week instead of it been stuck in the depot all week . Which to me gave me independence ,I had only just recently passed so then was keen to drive everywhere . But one day I was travelling the same route on the Friday night to pick him up travelling at around 60mph and was approaching Melton traffic light s .. Now doesn’t exist .. All roadworks improved it all . 
As I approached the lights I slowed down but knew the car was dying on me and immediately panicked .. This was an A ROAD where it was busy and when traffic lights on green . cars are flying by so for me to break down there .. Ouch … 
But … Then fate stood in … I remember this as if it yesterday and was 19 years ago … Out ran 3 men out of nowhere … One of them promply talked me through things whilst the others pushed me to safety .. Pretty normal you say .. 
Uh,uh … Not .. It was as if time stood still . Literally everything stopped until I was in a safe place . No cars approaching .. I was in another world .. A complete calm washed over me .. As soon as in a safe place off the A ROAD .. WHOOOOOOOSHHHHHH .. TRAFFIC zooming by again … Time moved on .. And even stranger . One of them asked me if okay and said help on way stay in car until help gets there .. I didn’t at that time have a mobile .. I definately never told them my husbands name ..where he worked . His number .. Nothing .. Some say was I in shock and shut off .. That was nt the case here at all . They dissapeared as quick as they appeared … And within 15 minutes my husband then appeared with his bosses pick up truck saying his boss had had a call saying where I Was and what had happened .. My head was spinning … WOWWWWWWW … AND I,LL. tell you what . What awesome beautiful angels they were ..,as Ime writing this I can feel my hair been ruffled … I think they’re still acknowledging .. Thank you Angels .. 
I broke down another couple times after that the following year but amazing how there was always someone there at the right time on hand .. I definately had traffic Angels following .. 
Going back now to the time I went for my first check for my eyes to determine how bad the cancer was …. I remember going into the waiting room .. IDE used my reiki to keep me calm . And of course self – healing a lot then . I had already been there 3 hours ,it was a long day .. Going from room to room .. Check after check . This room was to wait for a scan on liver .. If this type of cancer spreads if apparently goes straight to liver so that was my next check .. I had to pull a ticket and wait for my number to be called . Imagine my elation when I pulled a number out and it was the number 444 ~~~ I just looked at my husband Steve and said … Everything is going to be fine … The Angels just told me so .. Angels speak in numbers ..a book I have with me of Doreen virtues Angel numbers constantly now ..Then to top it off as I was called in room . The nurse said what’s that in your hair and pulled out a pure white feather .. I said to my husband I’ve been sat here all day with that in my hair and you never said .. He said it definately wasn’t there earlier .. And thinking of it .. There wouldn’t of been anywhere where I could of picked it up anyway ..another awesome pick me up 
These have followed me constantly all my life and wether they speak in energy form . Clouds , numbers . Cards ..words ..feathers .animals . They are there … I have felt …seen. sensed ,been touched .. And of course there are wonderful earthangels too who lift us up at just that right time . This is one of the reasons I then opened originally as angel falls on Facebook … To get so many messages out there .. As time went on though and my monthly angel readings I do there got more known . people from all over the world where asking for personal readings, I suddenly felt a sense of I wanted to be known as ME .. My real name ..which brings me at this time to say .the name “angel ” I asked before I opened it .. The first thoughts I always go with .. And it was simple, angel … I then said but I need another name I cannot just say angel ,show me something .. A vision , anything … I was shown a waterfall . I love waterfalls so that stuck . Angel falls it was …. It wasn’t until I went to work and I mentioned opening an account for my readings originally .. And told them the name .. And one of them said but …there is an angel falls waterfall in venizuella ..Ime not good in geography ~ history … And on checking thought how awesome … I didn’t realise at that time how well it would take off either . It just keeps plummeting and for me I am grateful to everyone just for being there .. On this wonderful journey . Although many people still know me as angel falls . For me there has been lots of journeys .. Angels holding me up and still lots of inner learning and I love it 
Spiritual development ..
At the same time as feeling stuck and wanting to close doors and going where I feel needed regarding my healing work and working more through source .. I bumped into a friend I worked with ..we got briefly chatting and she asked if I still do my angel readings and healing work . She mentioned this sanctuary development centre she had been too and said I,de love to come along .. She wrote the name and number and I popped in bag , Christmas was approaching and things were busy and I forgot .. But then source decided to remind me . Another friend mentioned it and I thought ,, ohhhhhh I forgot all about that , I was given that name and number before Christmas … Again .. I thought I,le wait until pay day and have a look at whats on offer … And book in .. A week went by and out of nowhere I dreamt about it … That’s when I sit up and listen then .. I took a look . Rang the number and booked in for my first attunement evening and by the time I left I was completely buzzing .. Needless to say I then joined in on the weekly classes where Dean is a marvellous teacher …we meditate …symbol work ..tarot work ..healing work and meet likewise people around with the same vibrations is wonderful ..since joining have done shamanic drumming ( awesome ) .. Working with vibrations with Tibetan bowls ..and so much more . Working with spirit at the sanctuary and understanding is so much safer when you understand more . The right way .
To continue 
But I hope this gives you all an insight where I started from 
My love and blessings to ALL. AND A WONDERFUL THANK YOU FOR ALL BEing here


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