Downward spiral 

Downward Spiral
You know those days when nothing will go right? From the time you wake up, everything is wrong. These are the days when you want to question the existence of Angels, God and your very own being. You are angry and disappointed. And because you know its going to be one of those ‘wrong’ days, you being you, try to outsmart the Universe by preparing for it, being ready for it. You have taken your guard with a ready-to-burst attitude, don’t-you-dare-talk-to-me-today look and when on your own you wallow in self-pity. Some have a huge ego, they will not allow themselves to wallow in self-pity but instead, when having a bad day, will make sure nobody else around them has a good one either. 
This is called a downward spiral. It starts very causally, but in no time a bad day turns into a very bad time, as you slip lower and lower into the spiral. This is where spirituality helps you. Spirituality is not a religion, or a New Age movement. It simple means to be aware of your own spirit – which is Light. And Light as most of know, is all knowing, intelligent, living and loving energy that permeates everything and radiates from God source. 
So, as it takes you a very long time to reach an upward spiral where you have developed a right mind set, have evolved into a higher conscious awareness, are moving away from your Ego; it takes only a matter of minutes to slip in to the downward spiral. If you are not on guard, if you didn’t know how peaceful and serene and secure the upward spiral made you feel, you will not be able to notice when you start riding downwards. You will get stuck in a vicious cycle of attracting ‘bad luck’ and reacting to it, and so inviting more bad luck. This is how you started slipping; not by noticing the bad things happening around you but by reacting to them as if they were happening to you, and when you do that, you start resonating on same frequency.
And here steps in spiritual awareness. Enjoying human experience without getting too involved or attached to things. Learning to let go and forgive. Traveling light in your psyche by letting go of past burdens and baggage of Ego. Meditating for those —-moments when you learn to switch off the chattering self and be receptive to inner voice. 
It is challenging to get back up on upwards spiral so when you start to think you’re having a bad day, stop preparing for it and instead, do something completely positive and the opposite of how you have been feeling and it will jolt you out of the downward spiral. Namaste ✨🙏


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