And SO it IS 

So much of the confusion and distress you feel when reading about or seeing others comes from the difficulty of looking past human behaviors. whether simply trivial or mis-guided, or downright cruel ones, only are truly healed by the Divine Truth of Love igniting within them.
            Remind yourself of the Oneness of Being, and ask for the Help of Divine Mother-Love to see past the false human emptiness and be able to think of yourself and all as “Wonderful Soul, shining with Love, and Lovable.”
            We know it is not easy. But We also know that, like any high skill, you can learn to do it if you practice it. Your thoughts and spiritual perceptions will help raise your own pure Love within, and help ignite it in others. Love then does the Mighty Work.
                                                                        AS it was in the beginning, so is it.


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