Heal all to original purpose 

When someone asks you for help in healing, for adjusting their thoughts to remember the Wholeness of them that was always there, and still is there, as created by Source, you must remember it is already with them, creating and maintaining.            Yes, you fill yourself with Love to overflowing, and send that Love Light to join and uplift their thoughts back into realization of Wholeness, but remember the Light is already there.  You are just making it brighter.  The Light is already there.  The Light has already made the Wholeness.

            The Light has already made the Wholeness, in you AND in the other.  When you get the call from the other, or the impulse from the Inner Voice to heal, then know yourself fully Lit, fully charged, and reach out to jumpstart the Light charge of the other.

            Near or far, it does not matter.  Time and space are nothing to the Light.  Reach out and extend your extra charge of Light and Love, and let It Heal, Heal, Heal all to the original Purpose.


                                                                        So Be It, and take Joy from it,




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