We are with you with great intentions 

Within your perception of time as linear, you often forget what you have been wishing for or asking for or imagining. Then, when circumstances seem to change weeks or months later, you wonder why, not realizing your own focus has been the instigator.
            Watch your thoughts and desires, Patrol them, even, and make sure you are thinking thoughts of Goodness for yourself and others. Thoughts of Blessing come back as Blessings. Thoughts of anger or blame come back as the same.
            Loving Spirit is in your heart to help you sort out and filter your thoughts and dreams and wishes. Loving Soul is with you to help you pray aright.
            Take those moments to listen and pay attention. Make the effort to choose Goodness and Love, and sooner or later those choices come back to you as delightful manifestations.
                                                                        We are with you in your Good intentions,


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