Be an example of love 

            Sharing the Wisdom and Love of the Divine with those that are ready and willing to hear it is a very important part of the mission for every part of the Soul of the Whole.
            But as important, especially for those who have never considered that there is a Cause that wants their Peace and Joy, is to be an example of Good. Be an example of Calm . BE an example of Forgiveness. Be an example of the Trust that leads to solutions, even in seemingly difficult circumstances. 
            Simply be a Good example, so that others will feel impelled to ask, “What gives you this unearthly Peace and Direction? How can I access it also?”
            When you have that open and yearning heart before you, then you can answer, “It is Love, , 
            All are included in that Love. There are no exceptions. So be an example of that Love now.


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