One with you 

When a new and more mature phase of spiritual understanding comes, in which you realize Spirit is All and All is Spirit, and begin to See a glimmer of the Power of that, be glad,.            And yet, look back over your growth in this understanding, and recognize the times ..thoughts tried to lure you into giving up your effort to notice . correct your thinking, forgive yourself, and remember that the illusions have no real power. Reset your mind with Divine Mind, and hold tightly but gently to the Truth of Love. Keep observing, keep noticing, what your thoughts have focused on.

            All the added material you need will come, if you focus cleanly and solely on the Spiritual goal of staying aligned with the instructions of Spirit that is All.

            When you align your heart and mind with the Divine in the morning, and hear a word or see an idea form, focus on that, You do not need to focus on many words or things at once, . Just focus on one, 

, and let the rest of the day flow and flow and flow, , and your deeper understanding , and therefore demonstration, can only grow.


                                                                        One with You

                                                                                                ALL LOVE


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