You are a part of Gaia 

As you expand into the New Reality you will find yourself “dreaming” with the Earth. You will become aware that you are a part of Gaia and that she speaks to you, not in a superficial way, but in a very deep consciousness where she will transmit to you images and feelings. You will feel with her and dream with her.
Some of you may be asked to assist in deep healing processes for the Earth or to assist in working with the Forests, or in clearing and cleansing the Oceans and the Air so that the New Earth can manifest. Those who are called to this work will be the Warriors of Light who will focus intention into the Transformation of old beliefs and patterns from Atlantis into the New Earth patterns.
Then there will be those who are asked simply to dream with Gaia and to dream a NewEarth of Abundance, Love, Beauty and Clarity. To Dream Clear Skies, Clean Oceans and Lakes, Healthy Trees and Forests and Plants, and all Living Beings Co-existing in Love and Respect. This is the emerging and original dream, as the Atlantis trauma is healed and the New Earth Emerges into manifestation.let it BE   ,


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