Reiki healing boost 

From time to time, almost everyone could do with a reiki healing boost to their ego, and gain a little more confidence in the way they handle and express themselves. This Reiki Meditation to generate more confidence is designed to help you do just that.Let’s begin…

Sit or lie down in a safe warm environment… you could be outside in the sunshine or inside next to a fire or heater.

Allow your eyes to gently close and go inside…

Breathe deeply now, allowing the outside warmth to penetrate into the very centre of your being.

Gently rub your hands together to activate the healing light of reiki. Place your hands on your stomach and silently call upon reiki to draw close and ask that the Universal Life Force enters through your crown Chakra and fills every muscle, cell, tissue and organ of your body… Bathing you in its unconditional love and healing.

Become aware now of your heart Chakra. Visualise a yellow rose which is the symbol of confidence, resting softly in the centre of your chest. Imagine now seeing the yellow rose gently rising and falling as you continue to breathe deeply.

As you begin to feel more relaxed and at one with the yellow rose, allow it to become more animated. Observe how it begins to expand and grow as large as your whole body. Allow the yellow rose now in your mind’s eye to envelop your entire mind, body and spirit with its petals.

Feel and sense the strength and confidence it gives you. Now allow that sense and feeling of confidence to simply dissolve within your body, mind and spirit… and know with certainty that this new sense of confidence will be with you always.

Repeat out loud several times I am confident… I am confident… I am confident… I am confident.

Continue now by taking several long deep breaths, feeling the strength that this newfound confidence gives you.

Finally allow yourself a few more moments of contemplation… and when you intuitively feel ready… allow yourself to drift back slowly to full consciousness. Eyes open, wide awake… Repeat out loud several times I am confident… I am confident… I am confident… I am confident.

Wash your hands under cold running water and continue with your day with this new sense of Confidence and self assuredness.



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