Love is the ingredient 

            Love is the active ingredient.
            Just as when you read the label of some soothing balm, and it lists oils and fragrance and water and emulsion agents, etc., etc., and then lists an “active ingredient” that is what you are seeking, so is it with prayer and God-focused healing.
            The pure Spirit of Love is the active ingredient. You might surround it with flowers or candles or certain words, or a beautiful quiet space, but Love Spirit is the active ingredient.
            Love is the healer, Love is the comforter and the Guide and the wisdom and the Heart of it all. Love is the Truth that gently, but utterly, causes all falseness to be revealed and disappear. Love is Omnipresent and It is why you can call on Its activeness even in the most hurried and dismal situation. Even when the candles or quiet space are not there, Love is still the active ingredient. Count on that, and call to It, everywhere, anywhere. Call to Love.
                                                                        It Loves you so, and will Answer.


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