Source wants you to remember 

Please realize that the Spirit which sent into your earthly dream to Help you remember your Wholeness CAN interpret your desires in a way that helps you. When you straighten your shelves, the Spirit knows you are desiring Divine Order. When you doodle with lines and designs, Source knows you are desiring Creativity. When you function in a way that craves attention, Holy Mind knows you are needing Divine Love.
            Source is the Great artist that wants the attention and appreciation , This is why you were Thought of by Source , and Source wants you to remember your function and to fulfill that. Let Spirit read your actions, and send you opportunities to have those.
            REALIZE, that those aspects of the Divine are your real goal, and let Source show you the Best way to experience them. Be grateful for order and intelligence and creativity and purity, call them into your life. As you give thanks for them, you see more of them.
                                                                        So it is,


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