Keep shining your light 

You cannot choose alignment with the Divine Source for another person. Each individual must choose the timing of when he or she is ready to disregard the material dream and begin to See the Lovely Unseen Spiritual Reality. We know it is humanly heart-breaking to watch those who suffer from their own illusions, but what you CAN do is to choose to Glow even more brightly with Love yourself.
            To keep your own consciousness so aligned with Divine Consciousness that others can sense that Presence emanating from you is to help awaken them from their dreams. Some will feel It right away and clearly. Some will perceive It only dimly. But if you just keep shining your Light, more of the darkness of the dream will disappear.
            That is the essence of the Plan, Be willing to be a part of It, and shine.
                                                            We Love it when you do,


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