Archangels of colour 

Although you can individually connect with each Archangel whenever you require you may also connect with all 7 of them at once if you feel in need of extra angelic guidance and protection . 
This can be particularly helpful when life seems to be bearing down on you and can be carried out quickly . 
Simply state out loud or silently . 
: Archangels of colour please be with me during my time of need to bring me your love . Protection . Guidance and healing energy to assist me in moving forward and away from all negativity . I thank you for listening to me in this time of need and I welcome the guidance that you bring me . 
Then . Visualise a bright and powerful RAINBOW of blue . Green . Yellow . Pink . Gold and violet . Surrounding and overlighting you and then a bright white Ray of light emerging from this rainbow and entering your body through your head and travelling down to your feet and out into the earth . Feel this infusion of rainbow colours easing your mind , body , and soul . And bringing the guidance . Peace . Protection . And healing that you deserve . Release any fears and negativity into the earth and feel the warmth of your angels as they wrap their wings around you ✨✨✨❤️


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