Love is all you need 

What if the WHOLE world, for one day, didn’t bother with the over priced roses, bulk candy and garish cards; but instead decided to create a united front in the name of pure love. No judgment, no qualifications, no withholding, just love. Every person, every colour, every age, no exceptions. What would the world feel like? What healing could be accomplished in just one day? What if we just kept doing it? What if every day was Love Day?Please take a moment, right now, as you read this to fill yourself with love; right up to the brim so it’s overflowing from you like a waterfall of sparkly, misty, beautiful bright white light full of rainbows. Twinkling with love. Saturated. Now, turn that waterfall into a fountain . Your fountain is so powerful it bursts forth from you and surrounds the entire planet in bright, gorgeous love and light. Right from the heart center. It’s so powerful that it passes the Moon, the Sun and goes way out into the Universe. It has no bounds. 

It is a message of LOVE, joy, bliss, harmony and receptivity:

We are ready for the next dimension. We finally understand the ultimate power of love. We are Love.
Love really is all you need.


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