The universe is abundant 

Trust, belief and faith are the lessons we are here to master in this life; whatever your own personal lessons or path may be. The three are tied together; you must trust in yourself and in the Divine; you must have faith to be able to believe without seeing. Connecting with our higher selves is how we strengthen this connection and quieten the voice of ego; who would whisper in our ear that we are not worthy of seeing our inherent Divinity. If everyone can dig deep and connect to the infinite Divine wisdom that with many, lies dormant within them, the world would look much different than it does presently.
We can unconditionally love each other, without competition or judgement when we realize that the Universe is abundant and there is always enough to go around. We can drop the facade that our ego’s insist on; the face that we show to the world that we feel is more acceptable than our true selves. We will realize our value, as unconditional love can only be fully given and received when it starts in the self.


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