Believe and you have it 

Believe that you have the quiet Peace, and you have it. For you already do in the timelessness of All that Is.
            From your small viewpoint within the little bubble of time-space sense, think of it as a kind of time travel. You look ahead in your imagination , quietly and softly, and visit with your consciousness the moment in time where you have achieved that Peace and happiness of purpose. You dwell there a bit and feel the Truth of it.
            Then carry that feeling back with you, like a souvenir, and enjoy it, and be it.
            We tell you truly that moments spent quietly contemplating and pondering infinity are never wasted. In a way, time spent doing that, and knowing you are part of the wonderful order of that Infinity, will give you more time, more energy, more confidence in the buoyant Love that holds all.
                                                            This is the truth of creation,


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