Share your love of SOUL 

Sharing Joy magnifies It. Sharing Joy glorifies It and brings more of It to you.
            When the Loving Creative Force of All Good comforts and supplies and inspires you, in ways that you could not have imagined, share your tales. Let others know that there is an amazing well of Grand Ideas within you, and within them, just waiting to be dipped into. Admit to others that there is adoration and appreciation, from the Divine Source, that your heart can feel each time it turns to It.
            We have told you many times that “the other is self”, and it is true. But we know that in the worldly costume appearances there seem to be many separate selves. So even if you cannot see them all as part of the same One Reflection of the Whole that you are a part of, do realize that it can give you great Joy to see them inspired and healed and cared for.
            So share your stories. Share your knowledge of, and experiences of, mercy. Share your Love of Soul.
            For that Soul is the very Life of All, and sharing your Love of It heals and helps all, and that further helps and uplifts you. All is One.


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