You are PURE joy 

Do you look for HAPPINESS outside of your EVERYday, moment to moment experience, thinking you will find happiness ‘out’ there someday? So many go chasing a magic ‘’ IT ‘’ Out “there”. But it could never be found there . So we want to share a secret that shouldn’t be a secret , YOU are pure joy.” what made you is pure joy , and every time you wake up and even when you sleep you have joy waiting to be expressed inside you . Joy and happiness and fullness come from doing joy . Being joy — knowing it , cultivating it , and lighting it in your heart so you can share it . You must know this so when the time comes , you will be fully free and your joyful being and actions will turn you into a beacon of STARlight . Look within and be joyful even for tears and loss , for they mean you have lived , really lived , jump into it all and love every minute 
We all love you like crazy over here …. xx 
art … Anne Provost


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