Peace of mind

The state of peace of mind is the polar opposite to anxiousness or worrying. It means detaching from the drama and letting go of expectations, particularly when you are feeling most out of control. When you feel it is the most challenging time to find your peace of mind, of course, the time that you need it most.

Take heart, your breath is the bridge to Divine Peace. Breathing deeply calms and centers your body on a physiological level, which will help you to slow down and take the time to reconnect your body, mind and spirit. If it is difficult to still your mind, try counting your breath cycles of fours. Count slowly to four on your inhale, following the breath coming in through your nose and down into your belly or even right down into your feet and grounding through the floor into the Earth. Hold your full inhale for the count of four. Exhale slowly counting from four back to one, feeling the breath coming back up from the Earth, straight up through your spine and out your crown chakra, connecting to the Universe. Hold empty for the count of four. Do this until you feel calm and connected from the Earth to the Cosmos. Return to this breathing exercise whenever you find yourself feeling stressed, overwhelmed, filled with fear or doubt or even just to return to a peaceful state. The more you repeat the breathing exercise, the better you will become at it, and the faster your body and mind will respond. Try incorporating it into every day, even if you only do four breath cycles at a time. You will not believe the difference it will make to your peace of mind. I promise!


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