Angels gently remind us what our role is

The Angels will continue to gently remind us what our role is when we are asking and praying for guidance and/or abundance. They will gently explain to us that we must be receptive, and in order to be receptive, we must feel worthy. In order to feel worthy we must accept ourselves, dropping any judgement or harshness that we feel towards past experiences or mistakes and start fresh and new. We must move into our heart space, seeing the connection between us all and the Divine. Then can we unblock our energy and fully recognize abundance as it flows through us.

We must set fears and doubts aside, and focus on life as we would love to live it. Pulling that joy into the now; as the present is all we ever really have. We must work to raise our vibration and our consciousness fearlessly; a leap of faith that puts the Universe in charge of guiding our souls along our journey, always watching for Divine guidance.

We can heal ourselves by connecting body, mind and spirit; by focusing on how we desire the outcome to be instead of getting wrapped up in the fear of what could happen “if it turns out like last time”. Take a few quiet moments to center yourself and breathe, asking to strengthen your connection to the Angels, Ascended Masters and God. Move through your past, blessing your mistakes as learning experiences. Ground yourself in the present, knowing that you are capable of creating the life of your desires. Send and receive love from your heart chakra; imagining emerald green light surrounding you and radiating out around the Universe, connecting you to all that is through love.



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