Time is NOW

In this moment you can create anything. In this moment all is possible. This moment, the present

moment, is a gift and a blessing, a treasure for you to receive. There is no other moment just as this one.

Do not let another moment of your beautiful life go by without saying ‘Yes’ to the new you.

See it in this way. See that this moment is the greatest of all moments in all lifetimes for you. Right now!

It is time.

The energy in this moment is not as any has been or will be. So do not let it pass you by.

It is time.

Time is now for you to create what you want, and unravel and let go what you do not want. No

matter how bad it may seem right now, you can change it so quickly with your thoughts, intentions and

belief in you.

Every moment you have experienced has been in growth. Nothing has been for naught. If you see it this

way, you can find gratitude for what you have experienced and what you have done and been.

Yet those experiences are now gone by the wayside and the only important focus is on now.

It is time to see yourself in new light. See yourself as the powerful and Divine being that you are. Allow

that power, your truth of who you are and your Divinity show itself. It is time.

Revel in the beauty of you, in the treasure that you are and your preciousness. Revel in life and the gift

that it is and the gift to life that you are.

It is time.

Peace be yours,

Archangel Uriel©


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