Light of love does the shining

Think of it this way: Your task is to be enough of a transparency that Love’s Light can shine through you, illuminating you, and those It shines on through you.

Just stay spiritually clean enough and upright enough that the Light can shine through you. Even a dusty window lets through some light, so in the moments you feel a little misty, or streaked with some error or other, know that Light can still get through, and will help melt the mist from you, also, as It shines to others.

The Light of Love does the shining. It is not hard work to let It do that. Just let It shine through, let It shine . Let it shine 🎶🎶 let it shine🎶🎶 Give It permission, with no dusty blocks of old human opinions or grievances. Just let It shine through you.

Be willing to be the transparency today, and every day. It is so very Glad when you do.

Universe knows


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