When you have been sincerely praying to see the Good of another, or of yourself, and do not see the demonstration of that right away, do not be dismayed.  Trust in the timing of Spirit , If you have felt a deep calm come over you, and a sense of peace as the Presence of Spirit hears your prayer , then the message and request has gone and is underway.

            Then, only All-Knowing Spirit knows the proper way for the healing, to be made manifest.  There are some who would be too startled if their entire world were to change in an instant.  Remember that it is their thoughts and beliefs that are being gently and lovingly corrected by Love.  As the Presence of Living Love changes those thoughts, then the outward matrix changes.  Trust that Source knows the good timing for all concerned.

            Keep trust . Keep continually your Loving thoughts and intentions and desires.  Ask Source for help for yourself to trust the Good Timing that what Blesses one Blesses all, and walk each moment and each day in the Beauty and Order of Divine Light that lights the way.







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