Source always hears

So much busy-ness around you. So much busy thought in your own mind.

Consider how very glad you are when one of the people you love takes some time to be with you and appreciate you and express affection. Think about how grateful you feel to get to spend time with a lover or relative or friend or old connection from long ago. The exchange with that person make life seem good and real, instead of just a series of tasks and days.

, multiply that feeling of good humor and love shared, and know that this is how Source feels as well. Source is so very delighted when you actually take time to spend with Them. Divine

is so very ready and open to extending supreme Love to you when you turn away from your busy thoughts and turn instead to simply being quietly with .

Slow it down, . Turn to telling Divine

your love, and feel the absolute Love embracing you in return. It does not need to be in a certain building or within a specific ritual or accompanied by exact words. Whether walking or touching leaves or sitting still with your eyes closed or bouncing a ball in the sport that is a favorite to you, just turn your thoughts , and say “I Love You”.

Universe-/source will hear. Source always hears, and is thrilled you are taking time to know your Oneness within the Light of Spirit.

To make this part of every day and hour completely changes your life,

Make it part of your experience,


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