In the eyes of the universe

Great good day to all <>**weekend happiness .. happy Mother’s Day weekend to those celebrating afar ..

We are being reminded that our perceived problems, blockages and obstacles; those which threaten to overwhelm us; are all more than manageable in the eyes of the Universe. What seems so large to us; what seems to endlessly be in the way of our success, is like dust to be blown away by the Cosmos. There is nothing too big or too small. There is nothing that cannot be solved. We only must ask.

See the magic and benevolence of the Cosmos in the card; allow yourself to feel it, be surrounded by it. Breathe it in. See the magical bright white love and light streaming down to you; are you open to receive it? See the energy sent by the moon, the stars and the winged ones. All Allies in our healing journey to find our true Soul Path.

What are you desiring to create right now? How does it resonate as a feeling? Happiness? Joy? Peace? Love? Harmony? Fulfillment? Security? Freedom? That is a good place to start. Try disentangling yourself from the details for a moment, and diving down deep into your heart space to find the simple emotion of it all. Peel away the layers of doubt, past experience, and insecurity and concentrate only on the desired outcome…. in feelings.

Breathe it in from the Universe, down through the top of your head, through your crown chakra and down your spine through each chakra. Exhale through the soles of your feet and ground this energy into the Earth. Breathe in Joy, feel it fill every chakra, breathe it down into Gaia. Anchor it in. Feel it. Be it.

And so it is.



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