LOVE is truly the highest vibration

The angels are sending a message to express how loved you are. Love is truly the highest vibrating energy, and when we allow that loving energy into our lives- amazing shifts take place. Everyone is deserving of love! The angels would like you to feel their presence by visualizing your heart fully opening like a flower blossom. From heaven above, imagine a beautiful golden ray of light showering you. See this golden light filling your entire body. This light is pure, radiant and powerful- allow it to embrace your entire being. Let this light pour out from your heart into the world.

We can uplift the energy in our world by focusing on our heart center and allowing this light in. When we embrace and allow love, it uplifts us instantly, creating a higher vibration. When your energy is vibrating on the highest levels, positive energy is attracted to you like a magnet. You will see the energy around you change; more smiles, cooperation, generosity, compassion- love uplifts!

The angels want you know that you are supported, you are valuable and you are very needed in this world. You are unconditionally loved!!


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