Blessings from universe

A blessing from the Universe softly settles upon you; It is angels whispering in your ear. It is the swish of wings, the caress of a subtle breeze across your face. It is the dream that you remember perfectly when you wake, only to have it fade into sepia tones by mid afternoon; a remembered feeling, the details blurred and fuzzy. An angelic embrace; one of safety, love and support guiding you on.

Time is but an illusion; the lessons you are to learn are there, hidden in the patterns in your life. The patterns that lift you up and the patterns that threaten to drive you mad. The angels wish you to bless and release these patterns, see that you can be gentle with yourself in doing so. See your own Divinity. See your own deep connection to All That Is.

Simplify; receive; Allow yourself to Be.

Suspended by love. Fully supported. Absolutely, breathlessly, perfectly.




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