Last night I dreamt that I was sat looking at all things magical in my outside space , our Mother Nature and everything else that’s put in our path . How the vibrant colours melded together and for me seeing and meeting the nature / tree sprites when someone came from behind me and said look again , they put a necklace around my neck and everything vanished , he said everything is just but an illusion , this morning as awake I pondered this and asked spirit . What can this mean ,,

My answer was

Dear you , sometimes you feel like no one understands you , you’re not heard , or even that you don’t count , this my dear , is a terrible illusion , and although your feelings tell you that abandonment is real , well , we tell YOU and EVERYONE out there WE who LOVE YOU know better .

YOU are never alone , and even when rejection happens , you are ultimately being protected so better things can replace what wouldn’t have worked in the first place ! everyone on this side of the veil is watching over you and rooting for your ultimate success , life loves you .. WE love you . And you are a unique spark of the divine and always connected to the light and source , you are always in our care . Trust and keep faith . Love you always and forever . Spirit ..

This is so meant for everyone far and wide and a deep message to the feelings at this moment of ALL the world .

this month you may receive recognition or an award for your great talents and skills . Focus and keep focusing on anything that involves your passion and you will be greatly rewarded , trust me , your heart is in your work or studies . Your talents are appreciated . Consider taking classes , there’s always more time to learn .

Endings remember are always followed by new beginnings . This may be a welcome relief at what has been a difficult year to many . Embrace a new day and circumstances will get better , don’t put limits on what wonderful things the universe can bestow ,

This month understand the distinction between power and control , you have the power of INTERNAL control , but very little EXTERNAL control over people and situations , the majority of external control is through the power of influence . You can lead by example , every SOUL has their own unique path . It’s not your job to dictate it . Giving advice though or direction in a compassionate manner is the way to go , your SOUL too has a path and you possess the power to control it but you must surrender to the ILLUSION that you have control over another , from time to time your EGO will rise up and demand that things be the way they ( should be )

Envision a hot air balloon being loaded up with all the things you think you need to control , and let them ride away in the balloon , you’ll be surprised to find out that when you release the energy of control and accept the energy of surrender , doors WILL open that you never expected . Because you have now given the universe space in which to materialise what is now needed for your highest soul growth .


Chrysocolla cleanses the pathways between heart and voice—lending much needed conviction to our words. Know that sensation: “If I only had the words, I could break through this sticky reality?” You do have them. They’re just stuck. Chyrsocolla revitalizes still waters, revealing wisdom held in the shadowy depths and empowering its expression.

Chrysocolla’s brilliant blue-green formations occur when silica meets copper and water. A stone associated with monasticism, Chyrsocolla can alleviate the anxiety and sense of isolation associated with an inward looking, meditative life. Be your own best friend. Be your own confidant. Be your own ride-or-die. Be your own salt water cure. Let in Chrysocolla and let heart power wash over you. Seriously. Doesn’t it feel good to be clean?


In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn WE ARE ALL ONE ۞

I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM



(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)




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