What do YOU want to CREATE

Sometimes it’s easier to boil the Law of Attraction down to the simplest, most concentrated concepts. What is it that you truly want to create? Why do you want to create it? The answer lies in the paring down of the Why. For example, if you want to attract love or money, why do you want to attract these things? You may want to attract love because you are feeling lonely and you want to share your life with someone; you may fear being alone; you may want to experience a deeper connection. Find the simple reason you want love…. how would it make you feel to find this love? There is your answer. Joyful, happy, peaceful, content, fulfilled, passionate, harmonious could be some of your answers. Same goes with prosperity. How would it make you feel to have lots of money, or at least how to you think you would feel as there may be a discrepancy there between how we view money and how it actually feels to have it. Maybe you perceive that having money would allow you feel carefree, safe, secure, joyful, peaceful and successful for example. 

Now, use your magnetic powers to pull your vibration up to match the vibration of the feelings that you want to create. It may take some work. It will take commitment and dedication. And it may take a healthy dose of positive affirmations. But you can get there. You can put it out there in just a few words, thoughts, and most importantly feelings. What you want to create is linked directly to how you would feel if you had it. The bridge being how you feel right now in starting the manifestation process.

Simple right?

Once you get good and clear on how you want to feel, you will relinquish all control to the Universe. You will watch for signs, messages and synchronicity. You will ask for guidance. You will gleefully anticipate the end result without being able to see what it will look like…

Only knowing that you will feel joyful, happy, peaceful, fulfilled, passionate, harmonious….

and full of Love.

And so it is



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