You have EVERYTHING you need

You have everything you need in order to move forward. All the old excuses that you use in order to protect yourself from the new are no longer valid. Procrastination is no longer an option. The Universe is calling. Are you listening?

It’s so easy to put your life on hold while you try to fix the things you think are holding you back. Only to realize that you, in fact, are holding yourself back. It’s not about the money, or the weight loss, or the health improvement. It’s not about getting approval or validation from others. This is about believing in yourself and your abilities. It’s about acknowledging all the skills you possess, and all the inner wisdom. It’s about knowing you are worthy by fully accepting and loving yourself. It’s about knowing that everything will fall into place as soon as you take that first step.

Really, it’s all about faith.



7 responses to “You have EVERYTHING you need”

  1. A lovely post, and beautiful reminder. 🙏❤️

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    1. Thanking you for reading and BEing YOU peaceful happy day / week to you ~ JOY in YOUR space >>🧚🙏🧚❤️

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  2. Very true message 👌🌷🙏we want self confidence 👍🏻🌷very inspiring article 🌷🙏♥️🌷

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    1. Thanking you for beautiful comment and reading blog blessed evening to you Love In allways 🧚🙏🌹❤️

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      1. Thank you and so welcome and Happy Monday (time here 1am) 🌷🙏♥️🌷😊

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      2. Monday already … a happy new day to you < here only 8.15 pm Sunday evening .. a JOY full new week to you 🧚🙏🌹❤️


      3. So love!y comment message , Thank you and
        grace Wishes to you dear Angel 🌹🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼🍵

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